Measured radiation data for the last 24 hours, updated every hour.

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The core functionality of SolarSat is the delivery of radiation data independent of measurement instruments for any site from Europe, Middle East to India and Africa. The radiation is retrieved from satellite images. The temperature data is taken from weather forecasts.

The hourly data for global radiation have a precision of 20% (rel. RMSE), daily val- ues of about 10% and monthly values of 5%. The precision of SolarSat lies in the same range as the precision of radiation sensors (5-10%), without the disad- vantages like stain or disruptions.

With SolarSat you receive at a good price precise, consistent and reliable data for monitoring your PV plant, without having to rely on measurement instruments or other infrastructure on site.

The SolarSat Standard delivers hourly data for the last 24 hours for the following parameters:

  • Global radiation [W/m2]
  • Air temperature [°C]

With SolarSat Advanced you receive in addition hourly data for the following parameters:

  • Direct and diffuse radiation [W/m2]
  • Direct normal radiation [W/m2]
  • Clear sky radiation [W/m2]
  • Global radiation on the inclined plane [W/m2]
  • Reference yield (for standard module and standard inverter) [Wh/kWp]